Purpose Bound Tokens


Money with a Mission.
Redefining the way money drives purpose, value, and impact.

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It's time to bring earmarked money 
into the digital age.

One wallet, endless opportunities

Several coins created and earmarked for a specific purpose, accessible in a single digital wallet.
Highly secure, just pay by pressing 2 buttons on the screen.

Many issuers, diverse use cases

Currencies issued by public and private actors (companies, municipalities,...) aiming to foster social inclusion, health, tourism, sustainability, economic growth and more.

Fiat based, 
price agnostic

Currencies can be expressed either in fiat equivalent (e.g. $50 voucher) or in units of a product or service rendered (e.g. 80 taxi kilometers).

All the advantages of 
electronic money

Fast & reliable transfers with advanced security in a 
privacy proof way with full transaction history 
(with real-time updates) and with global availability.

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The power of conditionality

Define who can spend how much on what products or services at which eligble retailers during 
which period of time

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Flexible like fiat, 
but so much more powerful

Improved efficiency
Streamlined, automated processes reduce administrative burden, error rate, and settlement time for retailers

Superior transparency
Ability to target individual users and near real-time data analytics reduce risk of fraud and improve effectiveness.

Stimulating local economies
The ability to whitelist specific eligible retailers and locations prevents money flowing to big (inter) national players keeping the funds in the region.

A few of the many use-cases:

Local government wants to help/stimulate social enterprises (for instance selling fairtrade coffee)


Rewarding local volunteers with coins they can spend at these enterprises.


Gifting Government workers coins they can spend at these enterprises 

A company wants to stimulate health among workers (for instance by promoting exercise)


Gifting employees coins they can only spend at local fittnescentres.


ONLY paying what was actually used at the centre.
(at a negotiated rebate)

A municipality wants to help parents who are having financial problems to buy a schoollaptop for their children


Giving them "laptopcoins" with which they can go to several IT-stores to purchase the necessary equipment.


Minimizing missuse and fraud, lowering administrative burden and maximizing inclusion and privacy.

Purpose bound money has MANY applications and can assist with: 
Social inclusion, Improving health, Emloyee benefits, 
Increasing tourism, Improving sustainability, Economic growth, etc.

Achieving Goals

MultiKnip is an excellent and very effcient tool to help your organization achieve their Sustainable Development Goals. 

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Money with a mission

"To incentivize and help people" is litterally the mission of our service.

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Latest​ project

Groningen Werkt Slim

THE app to make SME's in the city of 
Groningen, The Netherlands more sustainable.

In this app companies receive earmarked money (pre-appoved) so the can use it to buy energy saving measures or pay for an energy-fixer (which visits their building and does the work for them)

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